For the past 10 years, SlingHopper Drill Bags have become a staple teaching aid for many teaching pros and high level coaches. I encourage you to read the many testimonials below and hopefully you too will become a SlingHopper fan…:)

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“The SlingHopper Drill Bag is by far one of the best teaching aids to come out of our sport. It enables me to quickly move to any position on the court while feeding or rallying. I highly recommend SlingHopper Drill Bags for coaches, players and parents!”

– Nick Bollettieri
Legendary Tennis Coach
Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy
Former Coach to Andre Agassi , Pete Sampras, Boris Becker
Jim Courier, Bjorn Borg and Monica Seles

“The SlingHopper is the greatest innovation in feeding and playing tennis. It allows the feeder to move around the court without interrupting the flow of drills. Dead ball feeding now becomes live ball feeding.”

-Brad Gilbert
Star Tennis Coach
Former Top 10 ATP Player #4 ATP World Ranking – 1990
U.S Open – QTR Finalist
Former Coach to Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick.
ESPN Tennis Commentator

“Drills become ‘ALIVE’ with the SlingHopper Pro . The greatest benefit is being able to move around the court and create feeding drills from any spot. This flexibility helps to create a unique feed without downtime.”

– Harold Solomon
Director, Harold Solomon Int Tennis Acdemy
ATP Ranked Top 10 for 7 years
French Open and US Open Finalist
Wins over Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, and John McEnroe.
US Davis Cup Player – 1972-1978
ATP President – 1980

“The SlingHopper Rally is great when I am working with my son. I spend less time picking up balls and more time hitting with him. The SlingHopper Rally is so portable and easy to pack and store for traveling.”

– Kathy Rinaldi
Former World Top Ten in Singles and Doubles
WTA #6 World Singles Ranking / #1 Doubles
Reached Semi-Finals in all Grand Slams in either Singles or Doubles
Selected as Assistant Coach for the 2006 U.S Federation Cup Team

“Thank you Paul for letting me have your innovative SlingHopper Pro. I have an 11 year old grandson who loves to play tennis. The SlingHopper is perfect when I have to work with him on the court. I have tried boxes and bags and carts, but I always seem to find a chair to rest them on. The SlingHopper sits right on my body allowing me to move around and not have to bend. 

Even if you have access to a basket or ball hopper, the SlingHopper is much easier for the pro or amateur. They now have the freedom to ‘fill it up’ and create various feed selections. 

I wish you well with your innovative approach to ball feeding and would certainly recommend the SlingHopper Pro to any teaching pro and player.”

– Fred Stolle
Over 16 Grand Slam titles between 1962 and 1975 including Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and the Australian Open

“The SlingHopper is the greatest innovation for teaching in a long time. It allows us the pro to move around the court without interrupting the flow of the drills. The SlingHopper makes teaching easy and fun.”

“The Slinghopper is great when I am traveling with touring pros, I used to carry about 20 balls with me and keep them in a box. With the SlingHopper I can carry as many balls on the court, feed and hit out without having to bend down for more balls. The SlingHopper folds up pretty easy making it idea for traveling.”

– Andy Brandi
Tennis Director, Evert Academy
2003 Touring Pro Coach of the Year
3 time SEC Coach of the Year
2 time ITA National Coach of the Year
Touring coach for ATP player Lisa Raymond

“The SlingHopper drill bags are simply the best tools for feeding and rallying. With the SlingHopper Pro I am able to move around the court and “feed on the fly” without having to worry about grabbing more balls from a cart. When I am rallying with my kids I am able to develop better rhythm and pace. I can easily change from a hitting mode to a feeding mode.”

– Robert Seguso
Former #1 ATP Doubles Player, Former #22 ATP Singles
USA Davis Cup Player, Gold Medal – 1988 Olympics
2-time Wimbledon doubles Champion

“I travel up to half of the year and having the Slinghopper with me has made coaching from anywhere in the world much easier. It packs easily and is a necessary tool for successful coaching. More and more wheelchair tennis players are being certified as coaches working with seated players and able-bodied players. The Slinghopper is a perfect fit for seated players and coaches alike allowing them to be mobile as well as alleviating the need to reach up to a basket of balls which only slows a drill down. All seated players and coaches should make the Slinghopper a part of their every day tennis equipment.”

– Dan James
PTR P1 Professional
2000 & 2004 Paralympic Coach
World Cup Team captain

“Have you ever watched the lack of energy and excitement in a tennis lesson where a pro stands behind a shopping cart? That will not happen with a SlingHopper, as the professional is freed up and can truly be involved in the lesson with lots of movement and excitement. Every student should thank the SlingHopper for bringing the professional back into the lesson.”

– Peter Burwash
President / Founder
PBI International
Carmel, CA

“I was definitely skeptical at first as to how useful the SlingHopper Pro was going to be, but after using it for one week, I don’t ever want to be without it. When feeding live ball drills where the pro is involved, it is invaluable no to have to go back to the hopper after every few balls. When multiple students are serving, I can move around and give them balls so they don’t have to go back to the basket. It simply allows me to be a better professional. I love my SlingHopper!”

– Howard Chodak
USPTA Master Professional
USPTA Division President
Lighthouse Point Community Tennis
Coral Springs, FL

“My staff and I have found the SlingHopper product to be most helpful. When you are managing several courts during a drill or match play session, you never run out of ammunition. When we conduct Cardio Tennis classes, the SlingHopper helps because the on-court teaching professional needs to be mobile- while having access to plenty of balls to keep the class moving briskly. My staff and I certainly appreciate any product that makes our job more convenient.”

– Bill Mountford
Director of Tennis
USTA National Tennis Center
New York

“I am amazed that no one else has come up with this sooner. I am impressed with the fact the SlingHopper allowes me the simple freedom to move around the court and feed balls. In all my years as a tennis coach I have always fed from the same spot moving my hopper only to re-position. I can hold about 7 balls in one hand but I often find it awkward to feed. I wish you the best, wonderful concept.”

– Dr. Martin Baroch
Founder of the Czech Professional Tennis Association
Director of Education
USPTA Master Professional

“In implementing a games-based approach to the teaching of tennis, the Slinghopper is a wonderful instructional aide which allows me quick and easy access to the supply of tennis balls so that play continues uninterrupted. I am now able to move with freedom to any position on the court, and start the play/point from anywhere without pulling a teaching cart with me wherever I go.

I especially appreciate the benefits of the SlingHopper as I work with the Gamma Revolution ball, as the larger foam ball fits easily into the pouch, and I am able to access them quickly without the need to attempt to balance the larger balls in one hand as I begin the point or skillwork.

Please know how much I appreciate your efforts in pioneering this excellent teaching aide. Best wishes for your continued success, Paul!”

– Lisa Duncan
USA NAB Trailer for Dev. Coaches
PTR Master Professional
Downingstown, PA

“I’ve been using the Slinghopper since you sent it to me. It is truly a unique teaching tool. When your on the road as much as I am covering an entire state promoting, teaching and coaching the game of tennis for the USTA, it is a very handy device. I always know that I can be anywhere and have the balls I need to present on court activities. Thanks so much for making my job easier.”

– Alicia P. von Lossberg
Community Tennis Administrator
USTA / Maryland

“The SlingHopper is a great and useful item! I use my SlingHopper for my outdoor lessons and I fill it up with balls before each lesson. All I do is strap it on and I have no worries, no hopper, no basket getting in my way. The SlingHopper is also great when I am transporting from court to court.”

– Debbie Magarrell
USPTA Pro / Girls Junior Team Tennis Coordinator
Girls JV coach / Liverpool HS
Tennis-n-Gear Academy
Dewitt, NY

“To a teaching professional, the invention of the SlingHopper drill bags is one of the most innovative ideas to come into our sport in years. Instead of being stationary next to my ball cart, the SlingHopper gives me the flexibility to move around the court and to feed balls from any position on the court, thus allowing me to vary my drills, and to make my lessons more exciting for my students. My students have greatly benefited from me moving about the court and firing balls at them from all angles, therefore simulating real match play. Thank you SlingHopper for making me a better teacher.”

– Bob Binns
Former Head Tennis Director (23 years)
Port Washington Tennis Academy
Port Washington, NY

“What a pleasure to coach with the SlingHopper !! I often move around to and from many courts without the hassle of a cart; the soft comfortable picking of the balls spares my hands the nicks and scrapes of traditional metal ball hoppers. I use the SlingHopper on the road for easy storage and convenience when working with kids, GREAT IDEA !!”

– Whitney Kraft
Director of Tennis
Jimmy Evert Tennis Center
USPTA Professional / Division President
Wilson Advisory Staff
Fort lauderdale, FL

“Great teaching tool for professionals during presentations and especially clinics. I now have no need to use a ball basket on the court. The SlingHopper Pro allows for live-ball drilling to be more efficient for the teaching pro and creates a positive learning environment.”

– Geoff Norton
PTR – Director of Development
Hilton Head, SC

“I love the SlingHopper Pro! It is especially useful to me when working on “live” drills involving court positioning and strategy. Makes for a more realistic approach since I am able to move with my students and always have balls to feed. With the discounts available, I think every teaching professional should have one.”

– Simon Paek, USPTA
California Division President
Director of Tennis
SeaCliff Country Club, Huntington Beach, CA

“Once in a while a new product comes along that I like and will use. The SlingHopper Pro is one of them. To have 40 balls at my fingertips when conducting a hitting session is very convenient and makes my jobs easier. The SlingHopper Pro is an excellent teaching aid!!”

– Inaki Balzola
International Director
PTR & Van Der Meer Tennis
Hilton Head, SC

“As a PTR International clinician I travel a lot. With hte SlingHopper Pro I never have to worry about shipping tennis balls to the places where I conduct PTR workshops. I load 40 balls in the SlingHopper Pro and I travel worry free. With the SlingHopper Pro I can give my best performance whenever I go. Great Idea!!”

– Dr. Louie Cap
PTR Master Professional
PTR International Clinician & Tester
Hilton Head, SC

“I am always coming across tennis products that people ask me to look at. This time I can honestly say that I think the SlingHopper Drill Bag is a great idea.”

– John Evert
Evert Tennis Academy
Boca Raton, FL

“Paul, thanks for my SlingHpper Pro!! As a national level speaker and trainer for Wilson, the USPTA, PTR and USTA, the SlingHopper has made my on-court presentations more efficient. I always know where the balls are when I need to demonstrate a skill or drill during a presentation. The SlingHopper Pro cuts my tie to the teaching basket. When I am doing matchplay drills with groups, I am free to roam around and give individual attention to my students. I always have a ball by my side when I need to demonstrate a tactical situation, feed a ball in for a drill or move around the court when I am involved in matchplay situations.”

– Ken DeHart
USPTA & PTR Master Professional
Director of Tennis / San Jose Swim & Racquet Club

“I am a British Tennis Coach and recently received my Slinghopper Pro. What can I say, great delivery, excellently made product and a joy to use, so glad to work outside of the hopper without a pocket full of balls. Keep up the good work and I hope more British LTA coaches get to see your product; all of the coaches that have seen mine seem very impressed.”

– Andrew Reynolds
British LTA Licensed Club Coach
Littletons Tennis Club
Evesham, Worcestershire

“The SlingHopper is a great aid helping to develop ground stroke depth and directions. With 15 to 20 balls in the SlingHopper, I move closer to the net in a diagonal line and practice hitting my shots to the two extreme corners and the two sidelines. Highly recommended.”

– Cheung
New Milford, NJ

“The Slinghopper is an outstanding tool that gives the coach the freedom to move around the court while drilling students. I highly recommend this product to coaches who teach the old fashioned way. It is an inventive way of conducting drills by allowing you to be more involved in the game play and not anchored in one spot. You become a mobile ball feeder that can interact as well. It’s a great product.”

– Matt Gilbert
Boy’s High School Tennis Coach
Cape May Tennis Club
New Jersey

“The SlingHopper allows complete freedom to move about the court, feed from different angles. Ball accessibility is outstanding. Love it!” “

– Milton Parker
Columbia, SC

“The SlingHopper has been an excellent tool in teaching my players. It allows me freedom and flexibility in my teaching. It also is a time saver in that I do not have to pick up as many balls to start a new drill. I am encouraging all those who coach, to consider SlingHopper.”

– Michael Pizzo
Tennis Coach
Bothell High School
Bothell, WA

“The SlingHopper has saved my back. Very convenient. I no longer have to bend down and pick up balls from a hopper.”

– John Pieri
Teacher / Coach
Lakeville South HS
Lakeville, MN

“I am the only one using this in our club. at first everybody though it looked funny but when they saw me using the SlingHopper for my privates and group lessons they are all became believers. My women’s drill class likes it because I can move around freely, not having to go back and forth to my cart.”

– Randel Kantree
Tennis Pro
Wilmette Tennis Center
Wilmette, IL

“The Slinghopper has been a great help to myself and a fellow tennis enthusiast. I’ve taken some of the drills I’ve learned from various tennis camps and incorporated them into individual workouts. It wouldn’t have been possible without the Slinghopper.”

– Wayne Prudoehl
Richfield, MN

“The SlingHopper Pro allows me to move around the entire court. I can also carry all my teaching aids to the court and store them in my slingHopper.”

– Doug Cash
Former COO TCA
Chicago, IL

“The SlingHopper is great for playing lessons and live ball drills! Thanks for a great teaching tool!!”

– Carol Conidi
Fremont, CA

“This is a good product. I bought one of both sizes. Metal hoppers are bulky and heavy to carry. The Slinghopper does not get in the way of your strokes and is perfect for drills and extended hitting.”

– Neville Batiwalla
Indiana University Tennis Club
Bloomington, IN

“I just used it today at a Special Event hosted by Sports Illustrated and Dodge. It was wonderful to just reach in my “bag” and pull out Star Balls to use at a mini tennis net. I use it for all my lessons..and now I can move around. It is especially great for Cardio Tennis!”

– Linda Kettell
Director of Tennis
Largo Tennis Center
Largo, FL

“I find the SlingHopper to be convenient and efficient. I really enjoy feeding outside the hopper.”

– Roger Brown
Brooklyn, NY

“I love so many things about my SlingHopper. The versatility it gives me in moving freely to do drills. I also like drilling with other pro’s, it save time not being limited to just 3-4 balls. I really like practicing my own serve using it.”

– Bobbie Campanaro
Independent Teaching Pro
Alpharetta, GA

“To say it simply, the SlingHopper has freed us to move. We are more involved with the adults, the assistants are more involved with the juniors. I ordered 1 for myself, realized what a good thing it was and ordered 3 more -(1 left and 2 right). I have always been a playng Pro so to have the ability to step away from the basket is a good thing. The SlingHopper is a great tool.”

– Miles Harris
Director of Tennis
Laurel Creek C.C
Mt. Laurel, NJ

” The SlingHopper is excellent for use with Special Olympic athletes since many of the balls do not come back to the feeder. It is also easier to retrieve balls near me and put in the SlingHopper. The athletes are eager to help retrieve balls and feed my bag too. I also eliminated the problem of balls hit into the hopper and the hopper falling and spilling balls all over. “

– Lenore Gleason
Special Olympics Coach
Section 8 SC
Hilton Head, SC

“Once I started using the SlingHopper – it has been super. The extra weight is good for training. I can get animated and up close without carrying the ball hopper around. It’s great!”

– Doug Ing

Head Pro
Leaside T.C.

“I love the slingHopper drill bag. It just opens up a whole realm of active drills without concern for the location of the teaching cart. It also makes a lot of drills I run safer because there is no cart or basket in the way. My boss, Dan Weant, uses it daily in his lessons as well. Thanks a bunch! “

– Mike Rayos
Head Tennis Professional
Prestonwood Country Club
Cary, NC

“The SlingHopper is an integral part of my lessons and practice sessions. It makes me more mobile and helps me specially during one-on-one mini sessions with my students. The slingHopper maximazes hitting time and enables more creative drills.”

– Manny Iglesias
Family Tennis Academy City
Florence, KY

“The SlingHopper works really well for hitting lessons with the kids. Keeps you from having to run to the hopper every other point. Also great when you just want to hit a few serves. “

– Toni Cochrane
Tennis Director
Northwood Country Club
Lawrenceville, GA

“I use the SlingHopper rally with almost every lesson I teach. It allows me to move during group drills to give a more realistic feed than being in one position for the entire time. I like to use it with hitting lessons. When a ball goes out of play I can feed in another so the play becomes continuous. Great tool to build endurance. Wouldn’t want to teach without one.”

– Richard King
Fitness Director +Tennis Pro
Mountainside Racquet + Fitness
Bradford, NH

“I love my SlingHopper, and the versatility it gives me in teaching. When it is empty, we switch to a new team, I like how I can move and feed from several locations on court without moving a basket. I ALSO like that I can keep my left hand free when doing drills with students. Holding several balls from a hopper hampers me since I need my left hand to prepare for backhand volley.”

– Bobbie Campanaro
Independent Tennis Professional
Alpharetta, GA

“The Slinghopper is a great teaching aid, everyone should have one!!”

– Christina Price
Tennis Professional
North Park Tennis Center
Alpharetta, GA

“I am what you call an energized instructor teaching tots tennis classes. I am required to be all over the court. Using the SlingHopper really allows me true freedom to be very mobile and meet the needs of the tots. Thanks.”

– James Brown
MS, CPT, PTR Instructor
Public Park Instructor
Charlotte, NC

“The SlingHopper enables me to dedicate my focus on the student rather than where the ball basket is located. I can easily feed from different court areas & move about while still knowing I have a handy supply of balls just inches away. Thanks for making my job easier & most of all, thanks for enabling me to give more up close attention to my students.”

– Bill Lukowski
Head Pro
Heritage Hills of Westchester
Somers, NY

“I have been able to keep my practices moving much better with the slingHopper. I am very pleased with what the the SlingHopper allows me to do. I would suggest it to any teaching pro that wants to improve the effectiveness of their lessons.”

– Zack Morgan
Girls tennis coach
Altus, OK

“Point play situations are critical to the tactical component of the modern game. The Slinghopper allows the pro to efficiently start and restart rallies from mid-point court positions.”

– Andy Findlay
Owner, Intense Tennis Camps
Erie, PA

“I use the SlingHopper regularly in our Junior Program….it makes my volunteer job a LOT easier!”

– Robert Laemel
North River Shores Tennis Club
Hobe Sound, FL

“Believe me, I am shocked that I like this product. As you know, it is important to look professional and the slinghopper does not match most articles of my clothing. However, the effectiveness of the product is fantastic as I can continue the flow of the lesson without much interruption. I was also surprised how quickly I could refill the pouch.”

– Doug Browne
Director of Tennis//CTA President Club
Hideaway Beach Club
Marco Island, FL

“The SlingHopper works very well! Very useful tool when working with advanced players and children, can’t see being without one.”

– Marc Blouin
Director of Tennis
Indian Creek Racquet Club
Overland Park, KS

“I coach school tennis and a member of USPTA. In my school team tennis I mainly am working with a group. I don’t like the cart getting in the way when I am drilling beginners. They tend to spray the ball all over the court. The SlingHopper Pro has improved the way I can teach the skills in both group and priviate lessons. I can change the place I feed the ball from in a split second and change the drill by doing so, thanks for a great tool.”

– Zack Morgan
Tennis Coach
Altus Public Schools
Altus, OK

“SlingHopper is super !! I can now move feeds to where your student hits to give a more realistic gasme atmosphere.”

– John J. (Jack) Foster
Director of Tennis
Sienna Plantation
Missouri City, TX

“The SlingHopper is great. Saves trips and time going back to the ball cart. Thank you for inventing a wonderful product.”

– Bernie Adam
Director of Tennis
Prescott Racquet Club
Prescott, AZ

“The SlingHopper Pro works very well and allows the supply of balls to follow around with the flow of practice. It is much easier than attaching a ballhopper to your shorts.”

– Bob Bowen
Hazlehurst, GA

“As a 4.0 level player, I use the Rally bag with about 15 balls. We have more frequent rallies without having to stop to pick up after only 3 balls. Great product.”

– Bert Talbin
Port Washington Tennis Academy
Sands Point, NY

“The SlingHopper has given me the freedom to be a part of the action with the kids instead of being some robot off on the side feeding balls. Thank you for this wonderful, fun product.”

– Shirley Ruane
Pres. Lake Powell Community Tennis Assoc.
Page, AZ

“There are plenty of old school, snobby tennis pros, who think it looks silly to wear this thing, but I always tell them, “I’ve got 30+ balls on me and you have 4.” I basiclly use it for team drills. Gives you the flexibility of moving around the court, to feed from anywhere, without rolling the cart with you.”

– Richard McMichael
Director of Tennis
Edgemoor Club
Bethesda, MA

“The SlingHopper has been a great tool, when I am working with my better junior players. or in a private lessons. I feel like all of my lessons have a much smoother flow and purpose.”

– Kenyon Generette-Oliver
Director of Tennis
Gemini Tennis
Atlanta, GA

“The SlingHopper is most likely one of the best inventions in the tennis industry in the last 10 years. Thank you very much.”

– Marc Assaraf
Director of Tennis Club
Players Edge Tennis
Toronto, Cananda

“The slinghopper is a great asset because it facilitates mobility during drills. I no longer stand in one spot to feed balls, I have the option to move to any court position. Great Product!!”

– John Harden
Upper Marlboro State, MD

“Just wanted to let you know we used the SlingHopper Rally bag at the Tennis Festival we had here on Hilton Head last month. It worked great!! Thank you.”

– Julie Jilly
PTR Director
Hilton Head Island, SC

“The SlingHopper Pro is distinctive. It allows the ability to feed many live ball, game-based, point-play situations…which our students critically need.”

– Andy Findlay
Erie, PA


“The players I work with enjoy the way the SlingHopper pro improves/increases rhythm which helps their timing and with more continuity they get a better workout.”

– Roderick Slack
USPTA Professional I
Atlanta, GA

“I have used the SlingHopper several times since I received it a couple of weeks ago. I like it a lot as it allows me to “load up” on balls to feed the students. I have received a lot of favorable comments from outside observers. Thanks for a great product.”

– Anthony (Tony) Di Battista
Tennis Instrtuctor
Town of Eastchester (NY) Recreation Dept.
Eastchester, NY

“I really love the Slinghopper Pro….it is great for Cardio Tennis and teaching little ones!”

– Linda Kettell
Director of Tennis
Largo Tennis Center

“I love this product, congrats on inventing and bringing this product to the tennis market.”

– Steven Falk
Head Coach Mens Stanford Tennis
Palo Alto, CA

“I love my SlingHopper!! Now I am not strapped to my ball hopper while I am teaching. It is great for movement drills when I should not stay in one spot, and be able to feed to my students effectively. I can move all over the court and teach with a lot of energy.”

– Victoria Neudecker
Cambria, MD
PTR & USTA teaching professional

“I initially purchased the SlingHopper Rally to practice serving, as I practice often, but I have begun to use it for drills with friends. It is perfect for it carries a sufficient number of balls and it does not hamper my strokes whatsoever. It is light in weight and it almost seems that I am not even wearing it around my waist for it is so well designed. All my friends want to use it and are very impressed. I would recommend the SlingHopper to a player at ANY level.”

– Barrie Street
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I love my SlingHopper Pro. In my private lessons, I am able to hit with my students and move freely around the court. I coach lots of doubles teams and the SlingHopper Pro allows me to move and feed from different positions on the court to different players. It definitely adds another dimension to teaching our great sport.”

– Derwin Roland
President/CEO/Head Professional
Monster Tennis, Inc.
Lawrenceville, Georgia

“I just received my SlingHopper Pro…It is GREAT !!! I love it.”

– Chrissie Price
Rosewell, GA

“The SlingHopper Pro has allowed me to offer my students a better lesson. Just like a real match, I can move around the court and feed balls to my players from all angles on the court. This gives me an advantage that I have never had before nor I have I ever seen. The kids want to grab mine and try it out when I take onto the court.”

– Jorge Capestany
USPTA Master Professional
President, Havana Bobs Tennis Shirts Hudsonville, MI

“The SlingHopper has been an awesome find for me! Teaching tennis from a wheelchair can be tricky when it comes to reaching into a ball cart that is always too high for me from my seated position. Also, there is the issue of: How can I hold several balls at once while I am teaching? WELL, the SlingHopper has eliminated these two issues. I am free to move around the court and not have the worry of constantly grabbing just a few balls at a time from a ‘too tall’ ballcart or having to stay near the ballcart at all times. Thanks to the SlingHopper I am a more “Accessible Instructor”!”

– Harlon Mathews
PTR Certified Wheelchair Instructor
Covington, GA

“The SlingHopper fits right into my teaching style. I am able to play and work out players, really push them without breaking the rythymn by getting more balls. I also use it with my children, instead of bringing a basket on a trip or keeping one the car, the SlingHopper is so much easier and better to use. It really has changed the way I coach tennis.You have a great product and I love it.”

– Peter Smith
Head Mens Tennis Coach
11th Ranked USC Trojans
Los Angeles, CA

“I just want to thank you for contributing the Slinghopper to the USPTA Texas Sections Night at the Races. I was fortunate enough to win it at the end of the night. The design, materials, and workmanship of the SlingHopper are much better then the old Hip Hopper. I look forward to using the Slinghopper at various times within my teaching.”

– Bob Haugen
Director of Instructional Tennis
The Department of Kinesiology
The University of Texas

“I was lucky enough to see your product at the 2004 PTR symposium. I run a tennis school in Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan. This Slinghopper gives me a lot of freedom moving about court during lessons. This helps me a lot to give lessons efficiently and effectively. I hope you enjoy the photos of us using the SlingHopper.”

– Shinichi Suzuki
Chiba, Japan

“I have received my SlingHopper, and just in time for the high school tennis season. I am a high school tennis coach in Marietta GA, the school is a small private school, but has had great success in our region with both the boys and girls tennis teams. With the addition of the SlingHopper, I am able to conduct our practices more efficiently than ever. No longer am I tripping over a traditional metal ball hopper or having to stand in one location for an entire drill. The SlingHopper allows me to be more versatile with our practice time.”

– Scott Cabrera
Teacher and Tennis Coach
Dominion Christian High School
Charlston, VA

“The Slinghopper Pro gives you the freedom to move 360 degrees around the tennis court without any interuption in feeding balls during the drill. Students benefit because, during any point, balls come from different angles at any given moment… thus simulating match play. It is a MUST for any Coach or Teaching Pro who is serious about teaching tennis and wants to be on the cutting edge.”

– David Altshuler
Tennis Director
Nahant Country Club

“Good afternoon, I wanted to give you my testimonial for the great sling hopper. My name is Rahima Abdul-Rahim and I have my own tennis CTA- Washington Area Muslim Tennis Club, located in Washington, DC. Before winter, I used the SlingHopper, it was just fantastic. It holds enough sponge balls to enable me to feed the balls in to keep the game going with out having to stop and pick up too often. It also holds a good number of regular balls too. The SlingHopper is lightweight, easy to put on, and fits all sizes of people. I may not have my PTR or PTA yet, but wearing my SlingHopper sure makes me look professional. I really have enjoyed using my SlingHopper.”

– Rahima Abdul-Rahim
Director/ WAMTC

“I received my slinghopper and have been using it during all my lessons. It is a wonderful tool, so thanks for inventing it. I am a pro in Easton, Maryland. It allows for much more mobility on the court.”

– Susan Claggett
Easton, MD

“Paul, Here in Sweden we are very pleased with our slinghopper and use it all the time!!!! It has been quite cold but we play indoors most of the time. I use the SlingHopper to coach my girls and it is great for practicing serve. Some of my adult students put the SlingHopper on and drop feed forehands.”

– Anki Holm
Djursholms TK

“I want to take the time to comment on your great product. I spend a lot of time working with children and the Slinghopper has been a big help. Kids have a short attention span and the Slinghopper saves time and allows me to keep things moving. It also lets me have students on both sides of the net without having to worry about them running into the hopper. I keep the hopper off the court and let the kids pick up balls and fill it as a staging area for my Slinghopper. I don’t know about how other people feel, but hoppers are a pain! They’re awkward to transport, they rust, and they fall over at the most inopportune time. The only thing wrong with the Slinghopper is that I DIDN’T INVENT IT!”

– Roger Midgette
Silver Spring, MD

“I coach a men’s tennis team at a university and find the slinghopper a fantastic aid to my coaching. Storing many balls in that convenient pouch allows me to maintain the frequency of continuous feeding. This allows me to get my players in a better rhythm. The pace of the drills are fast and furious. It literally leaves my players breathless! Bottom lines is that the slinghopper maximizes our workouts. We love it!”

– Steven Bergovoy, USPTR
Head Men’s Tennis Coach
University of La Verne

“I love the SlingHopper drill bags, it makes it so easy to feed balls in larger clinics,and it allows me to feed faster and keep the lines moving.”

– Joe Cappellino

“The SlingHopper is a great aid to teaching my advance jr’s because the drills require them to be working on tatics or strategy the SlingHopper allows me to move about the court very easily and to feed balls from different angles. It has worked wonders for me. Thanks again.”

– Bradley Bain
Brajaxba Tennis Services
Nassau, Bahamas

“I am a teaching pro. The SlingHopper is a useful addition to any pro;s bag of tools. I found for certain situations it works much better than standard hoppers.”

– Kevin P. Merrigan
Orlando, FL

“I am a USPTA P-1 professional and I use the SlingHopper in all my lessons. The SlingHopper aids my mobility when I hit with my students. The SlingHopper is a great teaching aid.”

– Jack Foster
USPTA – P1 pro
Sugarland, TX

“We play tennis here in Page all year despite temperatures in the 20’s in the winter and 100’s in the summer. I am a pro and use the SlingHopper all the time especially for games like ‘Beat the Pro’. Thanks for such a great product.”

– Shirley Ruane
Page, AZ

“The SlingHopper is great! I purchased one for my dad for Christmas (USPTA /Carson Newman Tennis Team / Assistant Coach) and myself (USPTA, but currently not teaching professionally). The Slinghopper has been great in teaching friends and family tennis without having to purchase a teaching cart or worry about where I feed balls from on the court. Also, one of the best parts is I can enjoy playing as well while still using the SlingHopper.

I highly recommend the SlingHopper to fellow teaching Pros, and also my friends who enjoy leading and or participating in drill sessions.”

– Marcus Pillion
Atlanta, GA

“I am a teaching pro in Atlanta and I received my Slinghopper and love it. Great for teaching, and also for drilling with team mates and other pro’s. I saw mine at a seminar that Ken deHart was giving. Several pro’s who have seen mine have asked about it and where they can order it. I like it for teaching, it’s a great way to know when to rotate some drills, when the bag is empty, I rotate. No one can say I gave one group more time than another.”

– Bobbie Campanaro
Atlanta, GA

“My wife and I use the SlingHopper everyday to drill, I feed balls to my wife and it has helped her to go from NTRP 3.5 to NTRP 4.0 in 2 months by constant repitetion without having to lean over to pick up balls and not having to go back to the ball hopper. The Slinghopper enables me to quickly hit balls from side to side with speed and match simulation drills. I also can move it to my left hip and practice first and second serves simulating match conditions without having to stop, which also serves as a conditioning exercise.”

– Jerry West
Florida State Ranking #9, 65 Singles, 2003
Longwood, Florida

– Evelyn West
Florida State Ranking #9, 45 Singles, 2003

“I have used the SlingHopper and found it to be very functional. I have even been able to hit with other players wearing it. My only criticism is that I would have liked to have known that there was as smaller version although the larger one would be more appreciated if used on for teaching others. I use it mainly for practicing serves and the smaller version would have been adequate. Still it is a great asset brushing up on weak areas of play over the summer months on an outdoor court. I am so glad to have found this great tool for advancing my game.”

– Alan Roth
Fulton, NY

“I love the SlingHopper. I can really manuever around, and not be in one place during my private lessons.”

– Kenyon Generette-Oliver
Head Tennis Professional
Dunwoody Country Club

“I am a USPTA pro, and I use the Slinghopper particularly when I am running playing drills, and, for safety reasons, do not want to have a basket on or near the court. The SlingHopper is is great for that.”

– Lew Kosich
Parker, CO

“The SlingHopper is an excellent addition to our program. I want to talk to you in the future about SlingHopper sponsoring our Cardio Tennis program. I am on the team with Jim Baugh to get Cardio Tennis kicked off the ground this year. We will be traveling to conventions and promoting Cardio Tennis. The SlingHopper would be perfect.”

– Heather Silvia
Owner Silvia Tennis Academy
Alpharetta, GA

“I use my SlingHopper six days a week and love it. I am the new tennis director at Loudoun Sport and Health (VA). I got the previous director a Slinghopper as a going away present. He had back surgery last winter, and he says it really saves him bending over to get balls from the cart.”

– Patrick Sloyan
Paeonian Springs, VA

“The SlingHopper is a very helpful tool that I use in my tennis programs especially when I’m demonstrating “SHOT” selection, I used to HOLD 5 balls in my hand, but when I use The SlingHopper it makes me bale to relax and look more organized and Professional. Thank you very much for this great Idea. I recommended this a lot here in Indonesia to use when teaching.”

– Francis Tutanes III
USPTA Professional
Jakarta, Philippines

“I use my SlingHopper six days a week and love it. I am the new tennis director at Loudoun Sport and Health (VA). I got the previous director a Slinghopper as a going away present. He had back surgery last winter, and he says it really saves him bending over to get balls from the cart.”

– Patrick Sloyan
Paeonian Springs, VA

“Paul, Art Santos shared with me the information about the SlingHopper at the PBI Annual Meeting and he demonstrated it for all the professionals. What a wonderful Idea. I always appreciate ventures like yours and hope that it will be a success.”

– Peter Burwash
President / PBI Int
Carmel, CA

“The SlingHopper sets me free to do one-on-one coaching and teaching the fine points of the modern game. The time has come to “bag” the hopper!”

– Bob Love
USPTA Master Professional
Louisville, KY

“I live in Hong Kong. My tennis coach was just certified by the PTR organization. The PTR tester who came to Hong Kong (to perform the certification) recommended your product, and my coach really loved it. I can’t wait to order mine, please let me know how I can go about ordering one, do you ship to China?”

– Alex Krembs
PTR Professional
Hong Kong

“The Slinghopper is a very innovation teaching aid!! It does allow for more freedom of movement while giving instruction and coaching. We have enjoyed using the product.”

– Ann Koger
Head Coach of Women’s Tennis
Haverford College

“I have just received my SlingHopper Pro and use it extensively; it is a great product to have. I have been teaching tennis at a private High School and will be the girls Varsity Coach next Spring. Initially they made a lot of fun about my pouch but quickly saw the wisdom when I was able to move them around more freely, feed them different angles and being able to return the shots that for some strange reasons were previously quite often too close to the cart.”

– Jorg Rauthe
Girls Varsity Coach
Tarrytown, NY

“Just received my SlingHopper Pro and I feel its a great product. I am not a professional coach but I do play with my kids and wife almost every week. I also use it to throw tennis balls to my son when he is batting, you should think about that too. Thanks!!”

– John A. Cuccia
Melville, NY

“I use my SlingHopper all the time! Mostly for privates, but, even during our junior program while my assistant pros are drilling the kids and I’m out roving the courts, I’ll keep my SlingHopper on so I can interject a drill or just break up the court a little. I always have my balls right where they’re suppose to be. Anyway, great new product. I’m thinking of stocking them in my pro-shop.”

– Bob Deller
Tennis Director/Head Professional
Caughlin Club, Reno, Nevada

“This product is a must for teaching professionals. It is convenient, handy, versatile and lightweight. I Am using it in lieu of the bulky ball hoppers that are a pain to move around.”

– Emmanuel Chen
USPTA Professional
Union, NJ

“Paul, it doesn’t surprise me that SlingHopper is getting a lot of positive feedback. Having my own smalll private and clinic clientele, The SlingHopper Pro allows me lots of freedom to move all over the court and ocassionally jump in to a drill to feed an extra ball or two to the players without having to reach into the basket to reload. A great idea sure to continue to expand.”

– Mark Fargo
PTR Certified
Tennis For Life
Oxnard, California

“SlingHopper Pro drill bag is the ideal ball carrying device for my coaching applications in developing patterns of doubles play via live ball point play with Women’s Interclub teams. Generally I play in one of the four doubles positions have players rotate from a line two or three deep into the “HotSeat” position. Depending upon the theme and pattern, I put the ball in play to the Hot Seat position and create an offensive or defensive situation. Players are told to rotate clockwise, skipping me over and we go at it the pattern over and over, playing out the point to conclusion. And, SllingHopper allows me quick access to balls with minimal down time to secure more balls from a teaching cart.”

– Tim Barnes, USPTA Professional
Tennis Coordinator
Kiwanis Recreation Center
Tempe, Arizona 85283

“Great Invention !! I use the SlingHopper every day to hit with my wife – she is also a ranked player in Florida – I don’t have to chase balls and I have no problem hitting out, I do have a one handed backhand though. Every teaching pro should use one.”

– Jerry West
Orlando Tennis Center
#9 Mens 65’s – Florida
#120 ITF World Mens 65’s

“I love my Slinghopper. I have been using it when I’m trying make my students move more on the courts. I will play points out and when someone hits one into the net or out, I will be able just to toss another into the mix to keep the play going. Sometimes, I will add Speedballs or Champs and change the pace of the game. The Slinghopper allows me more flexibility than having to drag a basket around with me. In coaching, it allows me to move court to court without major equipment hauling. I feel more like a coach than a Clydesdale hauling beer. The Slinghopper frees up your hands so you can carry balls yet be free to hit and make points without having to stop and fill up on balls. I think that it is a great teaching tool, especially for coaching on multiple courts.”

– Patty Samalis
JV Coach, Moses Brown
Teaching Pro, Forecourt Racquet and Fitness

“I have to say I love the SlingHopper. The SlingHopper lets me be the hitter and keep a drill going for as long as I want with no interruptions. The metal hopper is now used to fill my SlingHopper and to pick up balls. It is a great product and well designed.”

– Chris Kean
PTR & USPTA Teaching Professional
Santa Rosa Racquet & Swim Club
Santa Rosa, CA

“I have used the SlingHopper in my PE college tennis classes. I find it particularly useful indoors whern I have very little space and large classes , 28 students per class. I can feed the balls faster and keep students more active.”

– Janice Beckner
25 year PTR Professional
Professor Health, PE
Onondage Community College
Syracuse, NY

“I have been very impressed with the SlingHopper. I now enjoy feeding and I am actually having fun giving lessons. The SlingHopper is very important to the teaching pro, they are able to spend less time stopping and picking up balls, it also keeps the lesson moving and flowing.”

– Calvin Woods
JTL Head Coach / Area Director
Greater Columbia Tennis Association
2003 USTA service award for SC
Columbia, SC

“I use the SlingHopper with every lesson. I love the freedom it gives me on the court and it is quick to reload. I have been a teaching pro for over 40 years and I teach adults and kids. The SlingHopper allows me to always have another ball ready to keep feeding or keep a point alive. With over 100 drills in my camp program I used the SlingHopper with my top junior players. The SlingHopper makes for a great drill time. I am a huge fan!!”

– Jim Gelham
Director of Tennis
Worthing Country Club
Bonita Springs, FL

“The SlingHopper is easy to use and convenient. I love to use it and I’ve received positive feedback from my players. I am going to order one for my assistant coach.”

– John Brinkman
Virginia Wesleyan College
Men and Women Head Coach
Norfolk, VA


“The SlingHopper Pro is great when feeding from different locations of the court for group strategy drills, allowing more freedom of movement by the professional. That is a true positive about your product.”

– Jim Burda
Editor & Publisher
Racquets for Life Magazine

“The SlingHopper Pro is a great idea. It allows me to move around during practice. It has made my drills more dynamic and I can help the players more effectively.”

– Karla Wojcik
Head Coach Women’s Tennis
Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, Arizona

“The SlingHopper Pro is great for teaching peewee classes and the kids love it, the pros have to move around a lot and cannot always be near a cart of balls.”

– Bunny Bruning
USPTA Division President
USPTA Head Professional
Adel, IA

“Paul, I really enjoy the Slinghopper Pro. I especially like it for my hitting lessons. Our clay courts are a little harder to get our brute carts to, so I use it when I teach up on the clay courts. The slinghopper Pro is a valuable part of my teaching supplies.”

– Steve Curtis
PTR Teaching Pro
Springfield, VA

“I have used the SlingHopper Pro and found it very useful. I especially like using it with kids who are transitioning from ProPenn Stars to regular tennis balls. I fill the Slinghopper with stars balls and my cart is full of regular balls. That way when I want the kids to rally I have a ready supply of balls without having to go to the cart or to the side of the court. Thank you for creating another tool that helps make my job easier.”

– Dave Hagler
USPTA P1 and National Tester
PTR Professional

“SlingHopper Pro has improved lessons at our club in 3 ways : It keeps LittleTennis moving faster allowing us to feed star balls quicker, ladies clinics can be fed during point play form all angles of the court and the ranked juniors love the constant play during live ball drills with the professionals – great new product !”

– Gary D. Trost
Director of Tennis
Oklahoma Tennis Center, Oklahoma City

“The SlingHopper Pro – what a great idea – so practical, usable and affordable! You can’t go on the tennis court without one.”

– Tom Sweitzer, USPTA Master Pro
Owner, Central Penn Tennis Service
Hershey, PA

“Aloha Paul, I have been quite busy with coaching and lessons and I just love my SlingHopper Pro, it makes my job a lot easier!!! Thanks so much.”

– Audrey Swift
USPTA Head Tennis Professional
Kapolei, HI

“The best teaching ball hopper I used for the last 10 years, versatility and never have to hold 4 balls in left hand again.Highly recommend for space saver will fit any trunk or front seat without going to the trunk.”

– Pat Phanthanusorn
USPTA Professional
Cerritos, California

“Paul, I just received my Slinghopper Pro drill bag. After using it for several weeks I am sure this will revolution the old way of teaching tennis. Besides, I will be the first club in Mexico to use it! Thanks for a terrific product.”

– Néstor Hernandez
PTR Tennis Pro & Director
Club Mundet, Mexico City

“The Slinghopper Pro is an excellent tennis teaching aid. It has proven to be a very efficient way in conducting smooth clinics, group and private lessons. Whether it be youngsters or olders players, regardless of their levels of play, the Slinghopper Pro is a winner. It prevents me from being continuously attached to my ball cart. Mobility is the key to teaching a great lesson, and the Slinghopper Pro does just that. A definite two thumbs up!”

– Roeland de Kort
PTR Certified Professional
The Jane Forman Tennis Academy, Miami, Florida

“I am a member of the USPTA and PTR and am currently Tennis Director of the Nahant Country Club in Nahant,Ma. I have been actively teaching tennis for 25 years … attending and speaking at both National and Regional USPTA conventions.

The “Slinghopper Pro” offers the teaching professional greater variety and freedom of movement during any drill session or instructional play. It allows the pro to feed from many different angles and because of easy access, improves student reaction time and over-all quickness. Regadless of my “feeding” position, I always have tennis ball access at arms length.

The Slinghopper Pro is a must for any “pro”, “coach”, or “instructor” to own… a great innovation that makes a postive and measureable difference for both the student and teacher.”

– David Altshuler
National/Regional Speaker
Director of Tennis/Nahant Country Club
Nahant, Mass

“Thanks for your email. The Sling hopper is a great tool for me as we do many group lessons and it helps with the Slinghopper full of balls ready to go! Whether I’m feeding or just supplying balls to my students, it is great tool. I tend to over stuff the Slinghopper and the weight of the balls I can feel later the strain on the lower back. If there was a shoulder strap to disperse the weight when loading up. Other than that, it’s a great tool for the tennis instructor.”

– Art Santos
Director of Tennis
Peter Burwash International
Kohler, Wisconsin

“I just ordered one. I am USPTA and PTR certified. I have been using the HipHopper but it is difficult to get the balls out. It looks like you solved this problem and I look forward to using the SlingHopper Pro!”

– Don Hull
Teaching Professional
Lake Hawatha, NJ

“I am running an NTRP rating improvement class series where the students are learning, among other things, the necessity of learning to feed and drill. It would be interesting to see how they respond to using the SlingHopper and if they feel more comfortable and mobile. I have twenty students in the class and would be interested in seeing how the class interacts with everyone using their own SlingHopper rather than wheeling around carts and looking for hoppers from which to feed.”

– Michael Stenquist
USPTA Northwestern Division President
Minneapolis, MI

“I wanted to let you know how much I love the SlingHopper Pro. It has made my life on the court much easier. I don’t have to keep going back to the hopper or basket for balls. My students love the lack of down time between feeds. The SlingHopper Pro is lighter than I thought it would be and I have no trouble moving around the court even with 25 balls in the SlingHopper Pro. Thanks for making my life and lessons easier.”

– Steve Diamond, USPTA President
Montville, NJ

“SlingHopper is very good improvement on some attempts at this type of product – a tennis ball bag that goes around the waist. I have taken it out on the court and find it to be a wonderful addition to the teaching arsenal. Designed to replace the clunky metal hoppers, that just are pain to drag around and get to stand up, the SlingHopper is a comfortable, affordable, and “with-it” teaching tool.

It holds 40 balls, so it is not too cumbersome. You can move freely around the court, changing your feeding stations at will. I find this to be a great asset for teaching a player who can rally fairly well, and a real good thing to use when teaching the young beginners – when you want to get right up in front of them, and be able to move right on to the next student or hitting drill. Coupled with a large ball storage vessel (i.e. the rolling cart) this SlingHopper is just dynamite!”

– Paul Dayton, USPTA
Editor, ServeCamp.com
Medndocino, CA

“Paul – I want to thank you for being a part of the 2004 PTR Trade Show. Your SlingHopper booth was an absolute success and I do hope that you plan on joining us for next years trade show. We have had positve feedback from attendees, and we only hope to do our best to try and make the show even better next year.”

– Lindsey Baxter
PTR Trade Show Coordinator
Hilton Head, SC

“Brought the Slinghopper to work and the comments so far from students and other pros is that I was able to move drills at a faster pace than before and there was less student down time. I moved around the court more and was able to do more in less time. The large bag was great for my small students. They enjoyed wearing the bag as my assistant.”

– Patty Samalis
Tennis on the Run
Forecourt Racquet and Fitness
Hopedale, MA

“Slinghopper is the best teaching tool for working with little kids, especially in a “clinic” environment! When handfeeding to multiple kids on a court , I never lose eye contact with my students, because I don’t have to turn my back to grab balls out of a cart. It allows me to really keep their attention! I LOVE my Slinghopper!”

– Liz Bewley
Director Of Tennis
Palm Beach Tennis Club
Palm Beach, FL

“Paul – Great idea…The SlingHopper Pro streamlines teaching and is beneficial to both the student and teacher. Thanks for your ingenuity!”

– David MacBurnie
USPTA Teaching Professional
Wellesley, MA

“Paul, the SlingHoppr Pro is the first tennis product that helps me give a better lesson. My students are amazed by how I am able to cover the court and feed at the same time. The SlingHopper Pro fits like a glove and I don’t even know it is on most of the time. Big thanks!!!”

– Mark O’Bryan
USPTA Professional
Plantation, Florida

“I purchased the SlingHopper for our club while at the PTR symposium. I have used it a lot and find it an excellent tool even for group lessons when I want to be in the middle of the doubles action and recreate the point. It has been nicknamed the Roo and also the Joey from the Kangaroo pouch it resembles. Thanks for showing me your product, we will purchase some more in the near future.”

– Phil Treen
Manager/Director of Tennis
Nashboro Village Athletic Club
Nashville, TN

“Paul, The SlingHopper Pro is great, I can’t wait to show it to all my students. They must have one too.”

– Rick Skiles
Teaching Professional
Houston, TX

“I just finished using my Slinghopper Pro for the first time. This is the teaching aid I’ve been waiting for! The Slinghopper Pro lets me really focus on my students without the distraction of reaching for three more balls. I’ll never teach again without my Slinghopper Pro again!”

– Don Hull
USPTA & PTR Certified
Lake Hiawatha, NJ

“Paul, I am in Switzerland today and leave to speak in Munich on Saturday where I will have my Slinghopper Pro on during my presentation at the German Tennis Association, it has been a great hit on the road and the top pros are really embracing it, they keep stealing mine. Thanks.”

– Ken DeHart
Master Professional USPTA & PTR
San Jose, CA

“As a teaching pro and high school coach I have used the SlingHopper Pro and have had great success. We use the SlingHopper Pro with our students and team during fed ball and live ball drills. The SlingHopper Pro fits comfortably on the waist and holds a boatload of balls. This is a product that really lets the student groove his strokes.”

– Jay Barston
USPTA Professional
Darien, CT

“In Europe, I often travel via public transport to different courts/locations and having a SlingHopper Pro is a lot easier on the arm than dragging around a heavy metal hopper, thanks for a wonderful idea.”

– Maureen O’Malia
USPTA/BTCA Teaching Professional
Arlington, VA

“I have used the SlingHopper Pro during my last 7 lessons. I love it. I teach 8th – 11th grade kids in one lesson group. I have coached high School tennis for 29 years until 1994 and still teach at Warhawk Tennis Camp in WI in July. I plan on using it there and in all my lessons in FL and WI. I am a USPTA pro at two clubs in FL and the SlingHopper Pro helps an “Old Coach (64)” from falling over a ball hopper when I play out points. It was money well spent.”

– Jim Gelhaar
USPTA Professional
Bonita Springs, FL